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About us

Our mission is to match you with the best solar systems. That’s our promise. We will provide the best service and never compromise.

Choose the Experts

Solar experts in the design and installation of solar systems, batteries and off grid systems. Through transparent advice and education we match our customers with the ideal solar system.
We focus on having the highest quality components, installation and customer service.

Our Ethos

We are passionate about doing well, by doing good. Our vision is to champion a carbon neutral New Zealand through Solar adoption.

By giving genuine and transparent advice we offer the best outcome for every customer in design, installation and aftercare. We’re always challenging ourselves to be at the forefront of the technology and in doing so can pass on the best knowledge to our customers and community.

We provide a reliable service today, and continue that relationship for the lifetime of your system. That’s at least 25 years! We do this by using products that guarantee long term reliability, coupled with quality workmanship, care and attention to detail. This means we can help people benefit from solar today and for the future.

Our Story

Our story is one of attention to detail, challenging the status quo and never settling for less when there’s potential for so much more.

It all began when General Manager James Kettle noticed a need for solar in Dunedin, there were very few options for local solar installers, and with his passion for renewable energy began training in the industry. James already had a good relationship with Dean Dunning and Paul Hollingsworth of Wanaka and Queenstown Solar and together made the decision to start a sister company in Dunedin Solar

Over the years, solar technology has evolved, while different panels, batteries and installers have appeared. We’ve invested our resources in the research and development of quality products to empower energy partners with relevant, unbiased, up-to-date information and the best solar systems available.

Today, Dunedin Solar are experts in Grid Tied Solar Systems, Hybrid Solar Systems and Off Grid installations.

Our Team

We’ve harnessed a team of expert, passionate solar installation staff that genuinely care about quality products, our planet and providing you with the most efficient system possible. Think of us as your solar power perfectionists, armed with unsurpassed attention to detail and a friendly smile to boot.

Founder | Installer | Electrician
After working in the Dunedin construction industry for over five years, as a qualified electrician with a passion for renewable energy, James realised there was a need for a Dunedin based company that was able to offer quality solar installs. So jumped at the opportunity to start Dunedin Solar. When not installing solar James enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and dog, either rock climbing, going to watch the Highlanders or waking up at silly times in the morning to watch Liverpool.
Operations Lead | Customer liaison
With years of experience in administration, Laura is here keeping the wheels running in the background of Dunedin Solar. She is here to help with any solar inquiries, keep you in loop about your install and all those tasks in between. When not talking about all things solar, you'll find her down the local beach with her two little ones and dog, searching for shells and running away from waves.
Solar Team Leader | Electrician
Jonno had been in the electrical industry in Dunedin for 8 years. With his increasing passion for sustainability and wanting to make a positive impact on the environment it was easy for him to join the team at Dunedin Solar. In his spare time Jonno enjoys hanging out with his friends and going on adventures with his goofy golden retriever Theodore
Solar Installer | Apprentice Electrician
Grey has just started his pathway into the electrical industry and is excited to be part of a team who are passionate about what they do and what they can offer. When Grey isn't installing solar, you can find him either at the gym or enjoying food. When he is installing solar he's probably still thinking about the gym and food.
Solar Installer | Apprentice Electrician
Inspired by the natural world and the technology that is connecting our lives to it. A career in yachting gave me an appreciation of off grid electrical systems. I am now land based and a proud new father excited to be learning new skills as an apprentice with the team at Dunedin Solar

We're Growing

Due to the increased demand for solar, we now have three branches across Otago to better serve our local communities. As a group we have been at the forefront of solar innovation for the past five years and we are excited to have expanded our quality approach across Wanaka ,Queenstown and Christchurch.

Individually each company is run by true locals. So we’ve always got boots on the ground that are just around the corner whenever you need us. But together we support each other with knowledge, skills and buying power as we champion a carbon-neutral future for New Zealand.

Our Partners

Because power is just one part of an energy and environmentally-conscious home or business, we have sourced an expert team of like-minded partners to provide an efficient service, from design and consent, through to completion. Together, we share knowledge and resources, then work together to build a brighter future for you and your planet.

Have your own architect, engineer, builder or subcontractor? Not to worry. We’ll happily work in with your chosen provider, but the sooner you consider your energy options the better.