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Financing your Solar System

Choose the smartest way to pay.

A solar panel installation currently generates a tax-free, reliable return that is a higher than the interest you will receive by putting your money in the bank.

We ensure that as well as being a good investment, your system is designed correctly for what’s most important for you. Sometimes a system that generates the most amount of power or gives you most independence from the grid may suit your situation best.

There are several ways to finance your solar installation, Dunedin Solar can help you choose the right solar finance option by providing a detailed analysis of your potential return on on investment, highlighting exactly how and when you can expect to break even, and start making profit from your solar system.

Your own savings

Using your savings offers the best rate of return. Solar power is a bankable and reliable energy source.

The cost of energy is rising, so your return on investment will only improve as prices increase.

A typical solar instillation will provide at least a 10% return on investment.

Obviously you should account for the ‘opportunity cost’ of using your savings, but we struggle to find a better option.

Your Saving

Local loan company

We can offer the option of finance through local company, Chasmont Finance.

Chasmont are a locally owned company, with 80 years plus experience in the industry.


chasmont fi

Mortgage top up

Interests rates for mortgages are low and typically represent the cheapest way to finance your solar system.

For example, if you receive a 10% return on investment from a solar power system, and your mortgage is only 4% per year, you would still receive a 6% return from installing solar.

You can be cash flow positive from the very first month as typical solar systems savings will out way the repayment and interest.

Solar Finance

Solar specific loans

Westpac: Warm Up loan
Existing or new home loan customers can borrow up to $10,000 interest free for 5 years to fund a solar power system.

Kiwi Bank: Sustainable Energy Loan
Existing or new mortgage customers can add a loan to borrow $5,000 or more over 7 years for the cost of a solar panel system. They will then contribute $2,000 over 4 years towards the cost of repaying the loan.

Solar specific loans

Power purchase agreement

Dunedin Solar will soon be offering a power purchase agreement (PPA) for financing commercial solar panels installations.

If your energy usage and roof space meet specific criteria, this solution allows you to benefit from a free solar panel installation, financed by a PPA provider.

Electricity generated by the system is then sold back to you at a rate much cheaper than your current energy prices; saving you significant money on your bills and providing your business with all the benefits of solar.

Solar Finance

We're built to last

Solar is built to last, and so are we.

Our relationship with you doesn’t stop after the installation, we offer a comprehensive post-installation service giving you peace of mind for your investment, with the help of monitoring your solar panels (in real-time) we can assist if any faults occur throughout the lifetime of your system.


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