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Commercial Solar Solutions in Dunedin

Save money, save the environment and secure future energy generation for your business.

Drive Business Success with Solar Energy.

Commercial Solar is a smart investment. It reduces your running costs and your carbon footprint. Solar is a great asset to add to your business due to low maintenance and robust returns. Commercial solar installations work particularly well for businesses that use a lot of power during the day such as schools, farms and factories.

Dunedin Solar is your trusted partner for commercial solar solutions in Dunedin. We specialise in designing and installing solar systems, using our expertise to help businesses in their transition to renewable energy.

Our approach

Dunedin Solar is the leading commercial solar provider in the Dunedin area.

Our solar specialists will work with you to understand your energy profile and design a system that delivers the best results for your business.

During the design process, we use software to account for all the elements that could affect your return such as roof orientation, pitch, shading, panel performance and local weather conditions. This means you go into the project with an accurate picture of your investment.

Once designed, our in-house team will install your solar system, and we will provide support throughout its lifespan. As we are local, our team is available to help if you ever have any questions or concerns.

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Why Choose Commercial Solar

Reduce running costs

Installing solar dramatically reduces your day-to-day business costs. As energy costs continue to rise, the financial return on commercial solar is only going to get better.

Solar turns your roof space or unused land into an asset actively working to cut your overheads.


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Reduce your carbon footprint

Dunedin Solar is committed to helping businesses in the Dunedin area embrace sustainable practices.

Reducing your impact on the environment is not only the right thing to do, it’s also likely to become a requirement for most businesses. Solar is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Excellent data and monitoring mean you can easily report on your renewable energy to stakeholders and customers.

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Reliable and independent energy supply

Losing power can bring a business to a standstill and cost you thousands of dollars. By adding batteries to your installation, you can protect yourself from these outages and ensure your business keeps running.

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Easy finance

Take advantage of hassle-free financing. Banks have made it easier than ever to invest in solar with specific business sustainability loans.

For example, check out the ANZ Business Green loan, the Kiwibank Sustainable Business loan or the ASB Rural Sustainability loan.


Your customers care

People’s commitment to living sustainably has more than doubled over the last 10 years. And they expect the same from the businesses they deal with. Going solar is a visible and meaningful way you can show your customers that you are serious about sustainability.

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