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Is solar worth installing in Dunedin?

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Is solar worth installing in Dunedin? That’s a question we often hear. To answer this question accurately, we rely on the data from systems we’ve installed to give people a realistic picture of what they can expect. 

So let’s take a look at a system installed in December 2021. It consists of 16 Qcell, 380W panels and a Fronius 6kW inverter. This is a standard system size for an ‘average’ home in Dunedin. So it’s a good example to see how well a solar system works in Dunedin. The panels are positioned on both the northeast and northwest aspects of the roof. This helps capture morning and evening sun, leading to well-rounded production throughout the day.

Design of the system, panels covering northeast to northwest orientations.

Now, let’s examine the system’s performance data.

How much did the system produce over 2022?

The total annual production for 2022 was 6.82MWh. You can see in the graph below that over the summer, spring and autumn months production is high enough to cover the home’s energy loads and then export a large amount of excess solar generation.

Although we see a dip in production in the heart of winter, this home is self-sufficient for 65% of the time.

Fronius app. Monthly total production and usage for 2022. Annual total 6.82 MWh; grey = export, orange = ohm pilot (HW cylinder) yellow = used directly.

Is the system saving them money?

Savings from a solar system come in two ways:

  1. Selling power back to the energy provider.
  2. Consuming power directly from the solar system, eliminating the need to purchase electricity.

Throughout the year, this household consumes between 200kWh and 450kWh of their own solar. This saves them on average $100 a month off their power bill by consuming their own solar rather than purchasing power.

The household also earns money exporting excess solar, particularly in summer and spring. In Dunedin, export rates sit somewhere between 10-17 cents (depending on your energy retailer). For example, this home exported 430.97 KWh in January, meaning they were paid between $43-74 for their excess solar during that month. This is usually held in credit to offset your winter power bill when production isn’t as high.

The combined savings of around $140 to $170 per month makes a significant reduction in the household’s power bill.

How does production compare to our predictions?

For every system proposal, we model the property taking into account orientation, the pitch of the roof, local weather data, and any shading from nearby trees, buildings and topography. Our goal is to provide realistic generation predictions based on data specific to Dunedin, rather than theoretical maximum outputs.

The owner of this solar system has meticulously tracked his average daily production against the prediction we provided in his proposal. These figures reveal that his solar system has consistently outperformed our predictions from the design stage. This proves that our systems not only perform as they should but often even better than predicted!

Other factors

Not everyone installs solar solely to save money. 

There are other factors that make installing solar worthwhile, including energy security, self-sufficiency, and contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

We recommend taking a moment to consider why you want solar. Only then can you determine whether it is a worthwhile investment for you.

So, is solar worth installing in Dunedin?

We think absolutely yes, and the data supports this. It is a great way to produce clean low carbon electricity and is great for your wallet.

This system produced an impressive 6.82mWh during 2022, which made a significant dent in the households’ power bills.

Using the data mentioned above and the return of investment calculator (ROI) on our website, we are able to forecast savings of up to $55 000 over the lifetime of the system, equaling an annual ROI of 13%. And the system will be paid off within 10 years of installation, making it a worthwhile investment.

Note this install included a Powerwall but the ROI calculations relate solely to the solar system excluding battery.

All production figures come from Fronius’ excellent monitoring platform, Solar.web

If you are keen to find out if solar could work for you, fill out the form below and one of our team will get in touch with you to see how we can help.

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