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SunPower Performance 7 / 440–455 W

SunPower manufactures some of the best solar panels on the market. The SunPower Performance 7 offers SunPower’s usual excellent module quality and performance, with a new bifacial design.

SunPower Performance 7 solar panels key features:

Excellent Warranty – Covered by a full 30-year warranty. This includes protection against product defects, guarantees for performance, and service coverage.

More Lifetime Energy –  Designed to produce more energy than standard solar panels over a system’s lifetime. Featuring a bifacial design, the Performance 7 maximises energy capture from both sides of the panel. 

Fully Black Design – with a black backsheet and black frame, the elegant design of these solar panels blends harmoniously into your roof

SunPower Performance 7 Datasheet