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  • REC Alpha Pure-R Series / 400W-430W
    REC Alpha Pure-R Series / 400W-430W

    The REC Alpha Series builds on REC’s reputation of quality and reliability. They pack cutting-edge technology into an aesthetically pleasing panel, giving you a full-black panel with a higher power density. 

     REC Alpha Pure-R series key features:

    Quality – manufactured in Singapore using only top-tier materials and components. You can have peace of mind that you are investing in a product that will deliver lasting results. 

    Solid Warranty – 25-year Product, Power and Labour* warranty.  Your panels will perform as they are meant to every year, with at least 92% of power production guaranteed in year 25! * when installed by a Certified Installer – which we are!

    Advanced technology –  The Alpha Series delivers around 16% more power on your roof compared to conventional panels. Their award-winning design also reduces the impacts of shading.

    REC Alpha Pure-R Series Datasheet