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  • Victron MPPT Charge Controller
    Victron MPPT Charge Controller

    When it comes to solar chargers. Victron has us covered. They make a large range of solar charges to suit any occasion. From small MPPT’s for charging a single leisure battery to large 100A chargers capable of hooking up, up to 18 solar panels.

    The new 250V capable MPPT is perfect for larger solar systems. Most chargers only allow 2-3 panels per cable(meaning lots of cabling). But with the 250v rating, this charger allows up to 5 panels per cable, making the solar array a lot less laborious and more cost-effective.

    These chargers can be connected to the brains of any Victron system, the CCGX. Bringing all solar data into one easy to read online monitoring platform. So you can keep an eye on how well your solar is performing.