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  • Evnex EV Charging Solution
    Evnex EV Charging Solution

    We’re pleased to offer the Evnex EV Charging Solution. This universal charging station and its accompanying app are 100% compatible with any vehicle and electrical installation.
    This state of the art EV charging station is completely intuitive and lets you control, monitor and schedule your energy consumption. It offers DC leakage protection, load balancing, local and remote lock/unlock, manual power adjustment from the app through Bluetooth or WIFI connection.
    Available in both 7.4kW single phase, and 22kW three phase. For most homes, 7.4kW will provide ample charging speed, equivalent to approximately 40km of range per hour for most vehicles.An Evnex charger keeps you and your home safe. Unlike a portable charging lead, chargers are installed with a dedicated supply from your switchboard that’s designed for high power draw.
    Not only this, but the Evnex charger automatically reduces your charging speed in real time if your home power usage is approaching its limit.
    The chargers are also cloud connected. You can view your charging history from your smartphone and choose how your EV charges, optimising either speed, or reducing electricity costs and carbon emissions.
    If you have solar generation, you can even configure to only charge from your solar energy export and prioritise green energy sources.